Day 6 - GoFundMe complete, phase 2 begins

Yesterday we donated the entire $2279 to the Foundation! Also the Mayor of Dripping Springs responded to all the hubbub. Please see our follow up response to that below:

Hey Pounders!

We would like to take a moment and address the statement made by Mayor Todd Purcell. First, I would like to thank him for clearing up the laws surrounding our initiative. We will now be finding a way to take this to the state! Donations for this cause are not needed presently, but we will certainly let you know once we have a clear plan of action.

Second, this doesn't mean that the fun is done!! We're still all about giving back, so we would like to find a local charity to get involved with and help out! Preferably one that wants the attention this time lol.

We would like to support them by helping broadcast their cause, starting a new fundraiser for them, plus donating a portion of proceeds from the sales of our merchandise.

If we can get some suggestions from our supporters as to who they think would benefit best we would love to hear them! Please list any suggestions for us in the comments, or message us directly.

Thank you again to everyone who helped make all this happen! We are ecstatic about the results so far and love supporting our local community. We look forward to seeing everyone in person this year at Pounders Day!


Micah and Daniel

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